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In Las Vegas, there’s a family-owned business called the Gold & Silver
Pawn Shop, run by three generations of the Harrison family: Rick, his son
Big Hoss, and Rick’s dad, The Old Man. Now, License to Pawn takes
readers on behind the scenes of the hit History Channel show Pawn Stars
and shares the fascinating life story of its star, Rick Harrison, and the
equally intriguing story behind the shop, the customers, and the items for

Rick hasn’t had it easy. He was a math whiz at an early age, but developed
a similarly uncanny ability to find ever-deepening trouble that nearly ruined
his life. With the birth of his son, he sobered up, reconnected with his dad,
and they started their booming business together.
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Season Trivia
#1 What was the most valuable item at
the gold and silver pawn shop?
A   2001 Super Bowl ring
B  Picasso's ink sketch
C  15th century samurai sword
Chumbama Chumlee
Black T-shirt Tee
Pawn Stars Gold And
Silver Cadillac
Promo Poster
License To Pawn
Volume 4
Volume 5
Pawn Stars began with Brent Montgomery and Colby Gaines of Leftfield Pictures, who were struck by the
array of eclectic and somewhat seedy pawn shops in Las Vegas during a 2008 weekend visit to the city.
Thinking such shops might contain unique characters, they searched for a family-run shop on which to
center a TV series, until they found the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop less than two miles from the Las Vegas
Strip, whose manager, Rick Harrison, had been trying unsuccessfully to pitch a show based on his shop for
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Season 1
American War Series
Ice Road Truckers
Season 5
Book of secrets
American Restoration
Season 1
The story of us
Gold American Eagle
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1  Ounce Buffalo Bison
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+ Bonus Silver Morgan
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Rick started in the pawn business at age 13 and is the co-owner of the shop.........
He dropped out of high school in the tenth grade because he was making $2,000 a week selling fake Gucci
Father and co-owner of the pawn shop, which he opened in 1988. He is usually referred to by his
"The Old Man", which he earned at age 38, according to the episode "Fired Up".............
"Read Rick's book on Pawn Stars. Inserts from all
the guys in the book and what they have each
endured the past few years. I am Rick's age and
relate best to him. Kudos to you all and rest assured
Chumlee has gotten a nice raise recently. Rick you
rock and wish I could meet you just because you
give me hope of ressurecting my career in this weak
job losing economy. Dream Big and never give up.
Anything is possible and you never know who or
what door will open tomorrow."
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James’s Two-Lincolns (cents):

I hate Solitaire and I hate War. I am really not a fan of simple card games. There, I’ve cleared the air… So why then do I
enjoy this game? Allow me to elaborate:

I am one who considers himself patriotic, I love history and I am VERY political. Rest assured I will keep my political
views to myself during this review. There is nothing I enjoy more than spending time with my son and finding
something we can do together that engages him and makes him ask me questions. I think that a strong curiosity about
our nation’s past is one of the greatest things our children can have in helping them to shape a bright and responsible
future. President Wars scratches that itch. This game is as light and approachable as the traditional card game of War
but without the feeling of being locked in a perpetual repetition. Because the game incorporates dice with a set
strength value for each card there is always the hope that the underdog can overcome a powerhouse. That, to me, is a
very American principal. Many things about our past should have been improbable, impossible even, yet the weak and
the few were able to rise and triumph! Ok, PSA over…

Going into this review I wasn’t expecting much. War, with presidents… “Daddy, I’m having so much fun!” greets me
from the next room as my wife and son (6yrs old) are playing. But our test copy is just handwriting on blank playing
cards, how can this be? Before I realize it, I am pulling facts from the internet to feed my son’s (and wife’s) eager
questions and planning a trip to James Garfield’s home (about five miles away). My son was having fun without even
the pictures on the cards yet. He was having epic battles with old (often out of shape) men in high office roughing each
other up and competing for power in his imagination. Then I got to thinking… envisioning Taft, in all of his size,
wrestling with Theodore Roosevelt, Rat Terrier barking at the two of them. (“You wouldn’t hit a man with glasses, would
you?”)… All the while “Hail to the Chief” plays in the background. I snickered to myself and sat down to play War for the
first time in a long time..........
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Game Play Review by:
Open The Box Games
"Breaking news: CHUMLEE IS
ALIVE & WELL! He is actually
filming today but we all really
appreciate everyone's concern!"